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Awesome Achievers 2020

SAS is pleased to announce Awesome Achievers 2020 destination to Quebec City – Quebec, Canada!

The birthplace of French North America and the only walled city north of Mexico, Quebec is an open-air treasure chest that will delight history and culture buffs alike. Its European background and modern, North American character are set off by an exciting combination of history, traditional and contemporary art, and French-language culture to make Quebec City a destination like no other. SAS Awesome Achievers can discover the Plains of Abraham – an amazing historic, urban park in the heart of the city, or visit The Hotel de Glace – North America’s only ice hotel entirely made of ice and snow. Whatever they choose to do, SAS Awesome Achievers 2020 is sure to WOW travelers with opportunities to attend hosted dinners, guided tours, and special surprised during this once in a lifetime trip.

Program Dates: September 23, 2019 – February 14, 2020