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What’s On Tap

Whether it’s a limited time offer or a hot new item, find out “What’s On Tap” through our publications and programs:

Weekly New Item Announcement

SAS is committed to providing the newest trends, items and programs. The combination of the traditional and the new make for a successful store operation. In 2017, SAS introduced 1,192 New Items into our product lineup!
Check out a sampling of our new items:
New Items flyer 08-20-18
New Items flyer 08-13-18
New Items flyer 08-06-18
New Items flyer 07-30-18


Monthly Ad Promotions

Monthly Promotional Planners are published every five to six weeks. This publication highlights key items that feature special allowances for retailers. See your SAS Sales RepĀ for your copy.




Monthly Bookings

Special, one-time only deals. Available to prebook via your SAS Sales Rep. Here’s a sneak preview…

Prebook DeadlineAnticipated Ship Week
BIC NFL Lighters - 7 teams06-29-1808-20-18
Apple Chips - 4 varieties, NEW!07-27-1809-10-18
Wenzels Meat Sticks07-27-1809-24-18
Disney Kinder Joy Eggs08-31-1810-08-18
Mega Mallow Cup08-31-1810-29-18


Pacesetters Program

This program puts our customers on the cutting edge for new products in the novelty candy, confection, and snack category. The new items are automatically shipped to help you be the First on the Street to have the product. Download the SAS Pacesetter Contract below, or sign up through your SAS Sales Rep.

Enroll in Pacesetters Program

DescriptionAnticipated Ship Week