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Hot Beverages

Click on a product name on the menu to the left to learn more about that program. For more information on any of the programs listed, please contact your SAS Representative.

Please view a sample of our Hot Beverage offerings below...


Features of the Program:

  • Satisfy volume criteria of 175 pots per week, 25 pots per day
  • Purchase BEANTOWN® graphics package
  • Purchase BEANTOWN® product exclusively
  • Maintain acceptable appearance rating on site inspections
  • Participate in BEANTOWN® promotions

SAS Commitment:

  • Provide equipment and maintenance service at no charge
  • Grants the rights to purchase BEANTOWN® products and use of trademark
  • Maintain competitive pricing
  • Protect brand equity through management and site inspections
  • Quality gourmet coffee
  • Creates brand loyalty
  • Comprehensive marketing support
  • No equipment investment
  • No franchise fees
  • Provide quarterly cross promotions with complementary products
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Travel Mug Program

GoodWest Cream Machine

Features of the Program:

  • A trouble free coffee cream dispensing system for your company.
  • Our dispensers reduce cream cost and waste. Our bag-in-a-box products cost less ounce per ounce than any creamer cup on the market. In fact, we guarantee we can match or beat the price of any comparable creamer cup.
  • No pilferage of creamer cups. We estimate over 35% of all creamer cups are either pilfered or wasted. Our cream machine eliminates waste or pilferage of cream cups. The customer uses the exact amount of cream desired for their coffee.
  • Bags are coded and self contained so there is never a problem with spoilage or product taste and integrity.
  • Our product requires no refrigeration until opening.
  • Our machines are compact (only 9x2 inches wide), equipped with a totally self defrosting cooling system and include time saving easy-to-load features.
  • Our machines solve Board of Health sanitation issues inherent with other creamers: PCs in ice, containers sitting out, air pots, etc. Our machines also eliminate customer concerns regarding sanitation issues.
  • Our program can be distributed through non-traditional dairy distributors, coffee purveyors and large warehouses because we offer non-refrigerated shelf-stable products.
  • Provide totally enclosed system so no clean up necessary; bag and nozzle are disposable.
  • No tools necessary; product bag fits directly into machine.
  • Patented pumping system ensures 99% evacuation of all bags with no product integrity problems.
  • Customers have the flexibility of owning or leasing equipment - we even have loaner programs.
  • We manufacture our own product to help ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Our nationwide service plan provides equipment replacement available within 24 business hours.
  • Our dispensers are the only machines which provide the versatility of being able to use bagged or pour-in products.


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