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Human Resources...Our Mission

  • Wellness: To offer a wide range of wellness programming to meet the needs of the Company’s employee base. To offer assistance in providing healthy lifestyle choices through use of the HealthWise program’s Wellness Coach.

    What is HealthWise? A comprehensive health promotion initiative to improve organizational health and safety by empowering employees to take charge of their own health. With the use of educational resources, one-on-one coaching, diverse programming, and a healthy and safe culture within SAS, our goal is that employees make strides to live a higher quality of life – at home and at work.
  • Employee Relations: To develop and maintain a positive approach and philosophy that is consistent with the Company’s Business & Human Resource policies and procedures.
  • Employment: To secure the most qualified candidates that display Awesome Customer Service to our customers, their peers and/or subordinates.
  • Safety: To develop and maintain a safe and healthy working environment which will reduce accident occurrence and cost to the Company and employee.
  • Benefits: To insure the consistent application of the Company’s policies for all employees.
  • Payroll: To provide accurate and timely payroll on a bi-weekly basis.

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