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Our name brands compete with DSD (direct store distribution) brands, providing nationally recognized names, high quality, higher gross margins and competitive retails. In addition, SAS will continue to complement our existing product range by partnering with traditional DSD vendors. Shipping their products with ours will reduce costs from the distribution channel, providing a valuable benefit to our retail partners.


Flavor Mill 

1.88z Potato Chips

92725-2 Chili Lime

92727-9 Dill                        

92728-7 Hot Sauce             

92729-5 Loaded Baked Potato  

92730-9 Prime Rib            

92731-7 Ragin' Ranch        

92732-5 Kansas City Rib    



1.63z Kettle Chips

92739-2 Pepper Bacon

92738-4 Jalapeno

92737-6 Waffle Cut




1.88z Poppers

92736-8 Sweet     

92734-1 Buffalo    

92733-3 Jalapeno


S. Abraham and Sons, Inc., PO Box  1768, 4001 Three Mile Rd. NW, Grand Rapids, MI  49534