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NEXGEN: Power at your fingertips.

NEXGEN is a powerful handheld order management system designed to increase speed, efficiency and profitability for a store owner.

  • View item description, pricing, return status and last order quantity on each scan
  • Discontinued/substitute item notification at time of order
  • View items on special
  • View a summary of the order, including the total dollar amount, before sending
  • Shelf tag replacement ordering on device
  • Complete store order guide on a hand-held device, searchable by category and item
  • Laser scanner – easily scans case or item UPC, shelf tags or order books
  • Delivery ticket history
  • Discontinued/substitute item information
  • Low weekly user fee includes daily usage, maintenance and all available upgrades

Synergy: SAS Online Portal

Synergy provides you with access to multiple tools to help you better manage your business and increase profitability, right from your desktop.

  • Online account management
  • Online retail maintenance
  • Document retrieval
  • Product code dating information
  • SAS communications including weekly newsletters and new items

Success Systems

SAS Supports 4010 and 4030 Transaction Sets and offers the ability to Order products online!