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Category Management

SAS Awarded Convenience Store News
“Category Captain – Foodservice / Hot Beverage,” 2019

What Does Award-Winning Category Management and Merchandising Look Like?

Captain and Validator Best Practice Planograms

SAS publishes regular Best Practice Planogram updates with the help of our trusted vendor partners. The process leverages fresh data, timely trends, and product launch schedules to ensure retailers have the right product assortment.

  • Stay on top of product innovations driving category growth and maintain the core SKUs that every store needs.
  • All the categories, All the Sizes: Planogram library across over 17 product categories including many unique shelving sizes such as: Under the Counter, Endcap Racks, and Freezers.

Dedicated Team of Merchandising Analysts

Internal team produces custom planograms on request and actively maintains them for you.

  • Bring your ideas to the table and let us assist you in designing a custom planogram update schedule that works for you.
  • Industry leading benchmarking capabilities to deep-dive your performance by store location, product category, and set achievable goals.
  • Heat-map planograms for a visual walkthrough of category performance. Learn where you can “cut the tail”.
  • Item update alerts provide you with information regarding SKU changes and actively suggest top performing replacements.

Site Consultations and TRUE Space to Sales

Cutting edge process utilizes the register scan data (if available) your store generates every day and a site visit to capture your actual product placement. The data is combined in a custom report.

  • Total Store approach shows specific category performance. Learn which endcaps aren’t pulling the weight or where you should expand variety.
  • Actionable reports combine your unique store design with your category sales data. Utilize key product adjacencies and understand the customer’s path to purchase for your location.

Field Tested Tools

Communicate information and provide a reference for your creativity or questions.

  • Merchandising methods publications help you carry the conversation to your employees. The battle isn’t all in the data and Planograms, everyone stocking the shelves should understand how to attractively merchandise product.
  • A Sharepoint Online Portal gives you access to Planograms, reports, and publications.
  • Laptops with mobile access give all SAS Merchandisers the latest information.

Looking for help deciding on your store's ideal layout or space allocation?

Don’t just go with your gut! Let SAS take the guesswork out of planograms, data-analysis, and floor planning. SAS customers have a valuable Retail Merchandising team at their command for planogram customization and site consultations.

Contact your sales rep or reach out to for more information.

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