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Please view a sample of our Fresh offerings below.

For more information on any of the programs listed, please contact your SAS Representative.

Fruit Ridge Farms

Although retailers have always sold packaged sandwiches, much has changed relative to the quality of the ingredients, packaging and labeling available today in convenience stores. The industry also appears to be seeing an increase in commissary programs. Sandwiches generally drive this category, but fresh salads and pasta salads are making headway into the c-stores.

S. Abraham & Sons, Inc. offers a commissary program of sandwiches, sub sandwiches, pasta salads, lettuce salads and desserts. Retailers can combine these with a value-priced Flavor Mill chip for a comparably priced combo meal at a great taste.

Sandwiches and salads offered on a commissary program are made fresh each week and delivered to the c-store. The product is never frozen.

  • Fresh, never frozen sandwiches, salads and subs made specifically for your order
  • A wide variety of wedges sandwiches, subs, paninis, salads and veggie cups
  • Gourmet “Signature Selects” subs and wedges
  • Veggie cups, meat snacks, and soups
  • Fresh Salads prepared with locally grown lettuce from Revolution Farms 

Other Fresh Products at SAS


Dean’s Dairy Pure, TruMoo, Fairlife Milk


Fresh Eggs from Sunrise Acres, Ready to Eat Hard-Boiled Eggs and Protein Packs from Prime Foods


Fresh Fruit and Vegetables from Sysco. Fresh-Cut Veggie Cups from Fruit Ridge Farms

Convenience Items

Fruit Dippers, Carrots Stick with Ranch from Dippin Stix, Pickles and Pickled Vegetables from Oh Snap! and Van Holten’s Pickles

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